Best time to visit Turtuk.

Many of you might want to know the best time to visit Turtuk. I Would do my best as a native to recommend the best time suitable for you to visit Turtuk.

If you prefer and loves travelling by road i.e. you are one who loves the journey beside the destination than The only two roads that lead you to Turtuk are closed for more than six months from November to March each year due to heavy snowfall on numerous mountain passes that comes on those adventurous roads.The two routes are via Srinagar or Manali.

So, the simplest time to travel by road to Turtuk is from April to October. And the second half of October being a volatile affair to tour.And on the other side, if you like to travel by air, you can visit Turtuk round the year.Road from Leh to Turtuk via Khardungla is always open even during harsh winter. But tourist usually visits Turtuk from April to October as all accommodations are open during this period.In winter a few home stay are kept open but with compromised services. I would strongly recommend against visiting Turtuk during peak winter if you want to be here just to catch a glimpse of snow As there are other better alternatives.But if you curious to know about about people’s life in such extreme climate than you should definitely give a try.

After winter comes Spring Equinox,the day and night are of equal length that marks the beginning of spring and the ground will no longer ‘ freeze’.

The locals have fun at Nawroz competitions with traditional folk songs, dances and polo matches. The pageant begins in the early morning of 21st march , as everyone gathers at some maximum factor within the village and plays the music of the heaven and greets each other. The conventional music is observed by Lam-jon, a procession to Shagaran. Inside the procession, the visitors trip horses and the locals walk with the musicians. Traditional attire, polo competition, the sword dance, Balti traditional folk dances and Balti Gazal are the primary attractions of the festival.If you want to know the cultural aspect of the Balti people, then there is no better time to visit than during balti new year.

The following Nawroz region comes alive as apricot trees blossom with soft pink flowers. You can catch the mesmerising season before it’s gone with the Apricot Blossom during the latter half of April.The blossom is so breathtaking that the Tourism Department organises a Apricot Blossom Festival every year.

There are thousands of seven different varieties of apricot trees in the Turtuk village. Anyone who is interested in plucking the apricot when ripe must visit during July and August.Beside apricot fruit range from cherry to mulberry.the plush green buckwheat and barley fields is just gravy on the serenity.

The climate is pleasant in Turtuk from April to October as the temperature ranges between 10° C to a maximum of 20° C.So

The best time to visit Turtuk village is in the summer months, from April to September.

So I suggest if your schedule allows you to visit Turtuk as per your taste.But if not,  Turtuk offers stunning scenery no matter which season you visit.

Turtuk in Autumn
Turtuk in Summer

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