Hotel DukTuk

Do I need any permits to visit Turtuk?

Inner Line Permit or Restricted Area Permit/ Protected Area Permit is an official travel document that is issued and stamped by the Indian Authorities to allow the tourists to visit the protected areas of Ladakh.

Which is better to stay Turtuk or Hundar?

If you want to know which is better option for you to stay in Nubra valley than it totally depend on lot of factors especially what you want to do on your vacation and your taste. But as a native of Nubra valley I would do my best to give unbiased viewpoint keeping in mind the range of visitors.

Travel Guide to Turtuk

Turtuk is clearly a deserved one if you are looking for an offbeat destination in Ladakh, which is less travelled. There is much more to explore because it has only been opened to tourist since 2010.

Best time to visit Turtuk.

Many of you might want to know the best time to visit Turtuk. I Would do my best as a native to recommend the best time suitable for you to visit Turtuk.

Is Turtuk Worth The Visit

If you are an adventurist by heart and still have not visited Turtuk, you have definitely lost something.

Is Turtuk safe to stay

Safety is the most basic thing which a human expect from a tourist destination.Destination safety and security are important factors that tourists consider when making travel decisions, especially when visiting a border places that are unfamiliar to them.

How to reach Turtuk.  

Ladakh in itself is considered to be an offbeat destination due to its remote nature and challenging terrain. But then there is Turtuk village often called ‘offbeat Ladakh’.