Is Turtuk safe to stay

Safety is the most basic thing which a human expect from a tourist destination.Destination safety and security are important factors that tourists consider when making travel decisions, especially when visiting a border places that are unfamiliar to them.

Is Turtuk safe to travel? Is Turtuk safe for tourists? These kinds of questions arise in your mind especially when you are visiting a border village like Turtuk.

A Native Opinion

Safety concerns may be partly due to genuine reasons or may be due to rumors spread by vested interests.I would like to share my views on Turtuk whether I found the place safe or not as a native and whether is it safe for tourists to stay a night.
Since childhood, I am living in Turtuk village and have no memory of border tension nor crime.You would be surprised to know that the border near Turtuk has not witnessed a single transgression since the Kargil war.It is due to the unique bare mountain which makes movement perceptible which is a blessing in disguise which makes infiltration difficult in this region. On top of that people across the border are also Balti people with the same cultural upbringing who support peace and who prefer dialogue on border disputes. The coherent ecosystem of Turtuk promotes live and let live. Therefore Turtuk is more safer than Delhi since crime is ZERO here. Crime in Turtuk can be compared with its pollution which is also negligible. Turtuk people are the most tolerant people I know. People here believe in harmony and peaceful coexistence. But tourists should take advantage of it and fortunately they do respect in return.. No matter whether you are single or double— both locals and foreigners — travelers should come and explore the mighty Karakoram. Towards the interiors of the Karakoram, everyone is there for a purpose. The more remote you go, the safer and more peaceful you will be. If tourists weren’t comfortable, they wouldn’t visit and live freely as they do now. I don’t know of anyone who had unpleasant incidents during their stay in Turtuk because nobody had.
Stop suspending your visit to the stunning valley of Turtuk, you’ll in reality fall in love with the peace.

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