Which is better to stay Turtuk or Hundar?

If you want to know which is better option for you to stay in Nubra valley than it totally depend on lot of factors especially what you want to do on your vacation and your taste. But as a native of Nubra valley I would do my best to give unbiased viewpoint keeping in mind the range of visitors.

Two places are completely different from each other, comparing them is like insulting nature.

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Hunder is a place that stands out for its different and unique desert landscape.Hundar, the bustling tourist village in Nubra valley, is Blessed with the famed pristine white desert and the gorgeous Bactrian Camels. The star attraction is the desert sand dunes, which over the years has become one of the main tourist spots in Ladakh. You can go as far as you can, away from the crowds to enjoy nature. Most visitors come here to enjoy camel rides.


Turtuk is a picturesque border village in Nubra valley, very close to the Line of Control between India and Pakistan, hemmed in by the Shyok River and the high peaks of the Karakoram mountain range.. Turtuk also offers a distinct Landscape which you might have never experienced in your entire life.Apart from the distinct landscape Turtuk is inhabited by balti people it is a totally different set of people than the rest of Ladakh.


 If you are looking forward to a materialistic trip, Hundar is the right option for you. But if you are looking for some adventure, then opt for Turtuk. Both are well known, but Hundar is way more popular than Turtuk in that respect.

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